Imported Rosé Sales Show Dynamic Growth for 6th Straight Year, as Provence Wine Exports to the U.S. Jump 50%

– Rosé sales grow at five times the rate of total table wine sales in the U.S. in 2010 –

(New York, NY, February 7, 2011) – A pair of studies released this month confirms that the dry rosé wine category continues to see remarkably strong growth in the United States, and that Provence is the fastest-growing French region in the exportation of wine to the U.S. market.

Nielsen report: Rosé’s double-digit growth continues
U.S. retail sales of imported rosé wine priced at or above $12 a bottle grew by 22.3% on dollars and 17.7% on volume in 2010. This is compared to 4.2% on dollars and 3.2% on volume for total U.S. retail table wine sales, according to research released to the CIVP/Provence Wine Council this month by The Nielsen Company ( This represents a growth rate more than five times that of total retail table wine sales for the same period, making rosé one of the fastest-growing wine categories in the nation.

Growth rates for imported rosés have been well ahead of the market in the U.S. for at least six years – as long as Nielsen has been tracking this as a separate segment at retail. Sales in the imported rosé segment “continue to be dynamic, growing at even a faster pace than last year,” said Danny Brager, vice president of Nielsen’s Beverage Alcohol Team. In addition, the average price per 750mL bottle was up 52 cents over the prior year.

Sales increase by value ($)
Sales increase by volume
Imported rosé wine
Total table wine
Data reflects U.S. retail sales of imported rosé table wines priced $12 and above, within the Nielsen food, drug, and liquor markets for the 52-week period ending Jan. 8, 2011, compared to the same period the prior year. Source: The Nielsen Company, February 2011.

Ubifrance report: Provence leads all French regions

The Nielsen research is reinforced by export data released by Ubifrance, the French trade commission ( According to the agency, exports of rosé and red wines to the U.S. from Provence jumped nearly 50% by value and more than 37% by volume for the first 10 months of 2010 as compared to the same period the prior year. This represents a rise in value 10 times greater than that of total French wine exports in the same period – confirming the rising appeal of the Provence region’s iconic rosé wines for U.S. consumers.

While the export data groups rosé and red wines together, dry rosés make up the vast majority of Provence exports. “We know this based on production numbers. In 2010, 87% of all AOC wines produced in Provence were rosés, while only 9% were reds,” said Julie Peterson of the CIVP/Provence Wine Council’s U.S. trade office.

French export increases
by value ($)
French export increases
by volume
Provence rosé and red wines
Total French still (non-sparkling) wines
Total French wines
Data reflects French wine exports to the U.S. in bottle and bulk form for the first 10 months of 2010 as compared to the same period in 2009. Source: Ubifrance, February 2011.

Provence is the birthplace of dry rosé wine and remains the world’s leading rosé region. Made from red grapes, Provence rosés typically have the body of a red wine and the crispness of a white. Refreshing and versatile, they pair well with a variety of foods.

More than 30 Provence wine producers will visit the U.S. this month to pour their wines as part of the “Provence in the City” trade and media tasting events. For details, visit Cities and dates are as follows:
• Los Angeles – Thursday, Feb. 24
• New York City – Monday, Feb. 28
• Boston – Wednesday, March 2

The Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence (CIVP), known in the United States as the Provence Wine Council, is an organization representing more than 600 Provence wine producers and 72 trade companies. Its mission is to promote and advance the wines of the Provence region of France. The organization’s members together produce 95 percent of Provence’s Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC) wines. Its U.S. web address is

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