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The CIVP/Provence Wine Council (Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence) is a private organization of wine producers and trading companies working together to promote and advance the wines of the Provence region of France.

Founded in 2004, the organization today represents more than 600 producers – both private and cooperative cellars – who together produce 96 percent of Provence's AOP wines. The CIVP/Provence Wine Council also represents 40 wine trade companies. Its governing assembly is composed of seven producers and seven trade delegates. Jean-Jacques Bréban is its current president (2012-2015).


The CIVP/Provence Wine Council promotes the Provence brand and the wines of region's primary appellations through efforts in four areas:

  • Economic and market research and analysis
  • Technical research, including sponsorship of the Center for Rosé Research in the town of Vidauban, the only center of its kind in the world
  • Quality control and testing/tasting
  • Marketing, communications, and public relations in France and in its countries of export, including sponsorship of the International Symposium on Rosé Wine

Historically specializing in crisp, fruity dry rosé wines – the focus of this website – the vineyards of Provence also produce full-bodied reds and light, delicate whites.

Contact Information

CIVP HeadquartersConseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence (CIVP)
Maison des Vins RN7
83460 Les Arcs ser Argens, France
Phone: 33 (0) 4 94 99 50 25
Fax: 33 (0) 4 94 99 50 19




 US HeadquartersU.S. trade contacts:
Julie Peterson/Carlene Hastings
Vins de Provence - U.S. Office
1025 Thomas Jefferson St. NW
Suite 420 East
Washington, DC 20007
Tel: 202-499-4263

 Metlife BuildingU.S. media contacts:
Joan Brower/Janet Bartucci
The Dilenschneider Group, Inc.
MetLife Building, 200 Park Avenue, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10166
Tel: 212-922-0900
Fax: 212-922-0971