Rosé from Provence
  • Getting to Know Rosé 
    Learn what makes a true rosé, what makes it pink, how it tastes, and when best to enjoy it.
  • Provence: The Standard
    Southern France has been the home of dry rosé for centuries – but why do Provençal rosés define the category now more than ever?
  • Grape Varieties
    What grapes are used to make dry Provence rosé?
  • Where the Grapes Grow 
    High-quality French wines stand on two pillars, both related to where the grapes originate – terroir and appellation. Learn what these are all about.
  • Appellations in Provence
    Three main Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) regions produce 95 percent of Provence’s rosés. Get to know these appellations.
  • Rosé-Making Process
    Discover how dry pink is made.
  • Wine Awards
    Learn which Provence AOP rosés have performed well in recent international competitions.
  • History of Rosé
    From 600 BC until today, Provence has been the world’s rosé center.
  • Quotable Quotes
    What chefs, sommeliers, wine writers, and other wine enthusiasts are saying about rosé.