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  • 07 Apr

    The 12 Best Wines to Drink On a Boat

    Food & Wine

    Sommelier Steven Grubbs of Empire State South in Atlanta has a 1982 Catalina 25 that he sails on Georgia's Lake Lanier less often than he'd like to. Here, he shares 12 wines that are better than beer for an all-day boat excursion.

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    04 Apr

    Five great reasons to love rosé wines from Provence

    It’s official – America has a big, huge, delicious crush on the rosé wines of Provence. According to Nielson polling, approximately half of all the pink wine purchased in the United States last year was from Provence. Not surprising – after all, this region is the ancient home of rosé and they set the standards for the style, but what is it about these wines from the sunny south of France that has beguiled the American wine drinker? Here are a few ideas:

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    02 Apr

    When you’re choosing a rosé, vintage matters

    Washington Post

    Visit your local wine store now, and you may hear “La Vie en Rose” over the sound system. Displays that featured cabernet sauvignon a few weeks ago havegiven over to pink bouquets of rosés to mark the change of seasons. Cherry trees and magnolias are in bloom, our spirits and palates brighten, and these cheerful wines help us welcome the Earth’s tilt toward the sun.

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    30 Mar

    America Drinks More Pink, So Provence Is In The Black


    The silly tradition to drink pink wine only in summer is dead or dying, and that’s a good thing. When you taste the wonderful variety of rosé wines available, you realize that they can be as serious or as frivolous as any red or white, and they can spark a fine dinner as easily as they can fun up a picnic.

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  • 22 Mar

    What to Drink Now: Springtime Rosé

    SideDish Magazine

    Some people might say that Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for me, it is spring. The beauty of the season includes blooming trees and fragrant flowers, birds nests filled with baby blue eggs, and perhaps the best part of all, the the new Rosé wine release.

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    16 Mar

    Dry rosé the darling of sommeliers, journalists and wine lovers

    Daily Herald

    Wine professionals have causes like everyone else. In the 1970s, we rallied around pinot noir. By 2004, the buzz got pinot noir its own movie, sales exploded (see marketing studies titled, "The Sideways Effect") and now the U.S. enjoys well-made, internationally-grown pinot noir in all price categories. Our work here is done. Currently, among sommeliers, journalists and wine merchants, there are handshakes all around -- and no sharing credit with Hollywood -- for increasing sales of dry rosé.

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    02 Mar


    Provence WineZine

    Last Monday, I attended the eighth annual “Provence in the City” rosé tasting. Located in various metropolitan centers across the country each year, I went to the event in Boston. About 35 people (including moi) attended a MasterClass and tasting and, later, about 100 people (including moi) attended the Walk-Around tasting, both events located in the stylish Hotel Commonwealth and Island Creek Oyster Bar.

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    02 Mar

    Provence rosé wines in Chicago - and French cachet for wine-by-the-glass

    For a perfect springtime wine, consider the elegance and beauty of the many varieties of dry rosé wine from France. Rosé is becoming a progressively larger percentage of all wines drunk around the world, and especially so in the United States where we've overtaken France as the number one (by volume, though not per capita) wine-drinking country in the world.

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