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  • 18 May

    13 Things You Didn't Know About Provençal Rosé


    Rosé is incredibly easy to drink. Not to suggest it is uncomplicated—there are complexities within the subtleties—but we could easily knock back a glass in less than 5 minutes. But before we all get to our seasonal pink wine chugging, we figured we should investigate rosé a little bit—specifically one of the most famous rosé-producing regions, Provence.

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    10 May

    Rosé, at a Premium: A Growing Category, with a Greater Range of Profiles

    Rosé’s mass-market appeal lies in its fresh fruit, vibrant acidity, and simplicity (although many dreadful rosés are sold with no qualities other than being pink and Nayandelalcoholic). With so much competition—thanks to growing demand—some producers are looking at different strategies to extend their rosé portfolio beyond entry level, to provide serious wines made to go with food.

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  • 08 May

    Discovering The 2015 Provençal Rosés: An Interview with Elizabeth Gabay, MW

    Maker's Table

    Spring is the season of rosé. (Also: summer, fall, and winter.) But it is in spring that the latest rosé vintages are showered upon us like a confetti of cherry blossoms, banishing winter’s interminable drear and restoring our faith in fun.

    Tapping the Zeitgeist, Wines of Provence recently held a series of North American tastings to release the 2015 vintage to the trade. The U.S. is a critical market for Provençal rosé, taking over a third of the region’s exports, far more than any other country. I attended their Boston event, tasting about fifty wines from more than two dozen producers.

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    22 Apr

    24 Provence Rosés Perfect for Warm Weather

    Wine Spectator

    Just about any wine lover not living in a cave is aware of the explosion of Provençal rosé in recent years. Exports to the United States have boomed, with double-digit growth for the last several years pushing the category to 7 million bottles—and it basically all arrives in spring and is consumed before the end of summer.

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    07 Apr

    The 12 Best Wines to Drink On a Boat

    Food & Wine

    Sommelier Steven Grubbs of Empire State South in Atlanta has a 1982 Catalina 25 that he sails on Georgia's Lake Lanier less often than he'd like to. Here, he shares 12 wines that are better than beer for an all-day boat excursion.

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    04 Apr

    Five great reasons to love rosé wines from Provence

    It’s official – America has a big, huge, delicious crush on the rosé wines of Provence. According to Nielson polling, approximately half of all the pink wine purchased in the United States last year was from Provence. Not surprising – after all, this region is the ancient home of rosé and they set the standards for the style, but what is it about these wines from the sunny south of France that has beguiled the American wine drinker? Here are a few ideas:

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