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  • 31 Dec

    The Case for Rosé on New Year's Eve


    To sum it all up for New Year’s Eve, rosé is trendier, scarcer, and fancier than many people think. Even with a couple of ice cubes, it’s plenty classy. Here’s a primer on which ones to buy. Cheers!

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    17 Dec

    A Wine for All Seasons: Rosé de Provence


    Even in November, tender sunlight casts a warm, honeyed-pastel glow on the limestone-hewn houses liberally sprinkled on the craggy hills that tumble from Haute Provence down to the Côte d’Azur. The magic hour for painters and photographers stretches well past sunrise and sunset; the clarity and angle of light is nearly always perfect. Temperatures hover in the comforting early 20s, while soft breezes dance down from Alpine highlands or waft inland from the Mediterranean, floating scents of wild mint, lavender, pine needles and mimosas...

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    30 Nov

    Rosé: Your New Go-To Holiday Wine


    People have no problem drinking red wine in the summer, and white wine doesn’t disappear from retailers when the weather turns crisp as a good White Bordeaux. So why is it that one of the most versatile wines to serve with food or enjoy on its own is seldom mentioned once the leaves start falling from the trees? I’m talking about Rosé...
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  • 24 Nov

    The Winter Rosé Wine Revolution!

    Huffington Post UK

    A cool glass of rosé may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your meal for Christmas day, but there's actually something rather wonderful about drinking pink at this time of year. There are many styles to go for, but my heart's in Provence...
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    20 Nov

    The Forgotten Red Wines of Provence

    Montreal Gazette

    Mention Provence to most people, and images of Mediterranean beaches, fancy cafés in St- Tropez and yachts will probably come to mind. When it comes to wine, it’s rosé. 
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    12 Nov

    Top Wines in the US Press

    The Drinks Business

    “This classic blend of Grenache (70%) and Cinsault (30%) might make you think summer has returned,” McIntrye says wistfully of this wine. “At your holiday meals, you might find yourself testing it with every dish on the table.”
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